A caramel shell with a smooth inside

Toffifee has something for everyone: a crunchy hazelnut in a delicious caramel shell, smooth and creamy nougat, plus a drop of rich chocolate.

The perfect hazelnut pleasure

Our hazelnuts undergo a special roasting process which gives it that typical Toffifee flavour and the unique crunch.

A nut nestled in a shell

A crunchy hazelnut nestled in a shell of delicious caramel. The unique shape makes every Toffifee an unforgettable experience.

Nougat galore

The smooth creamy nougat is poured over the nut and into the shell, creating the perfect seal combining hazelnut and cocoa.

The icing on the "Mmmm"

The perfect finish! A drop of rich chocolate is the hallmark topping of every piece of Toffifee.

The eyes say "Ohhh" – the mouth says "Ahhh"

First Ohhh, then Ahhh, then Mmmmm: Toffifee's unique combination of ingredients makes it a perfect treat for young and old.

Pack assortment

Nutritional information

Per 1 piece (8.3 g)


% Daily Value

Calories 45   
Fat 2.5 g  4 % 
Saturated 1 g  5 % 
+ Trans 0 g   
Cholesterol 0 mg   
Sodium 5 mg  0 % 
Carbohydrate 5 g  2 % 
Fibre 0 g  0 % 
Sugars 4 g   
Sugar Alcohol 0 g   
Protein 1 g   
Vitamin A   0 % 
Vitamin C   0 % 
Calcium   2 % 
Iron   2 % 

A Hazelnut in Caramel with Creamy Nougat and Chocolate.

INGREDIENTS: sugar, modified palm oil and modified shea oil, hazelnuts, glucose syrup (wheat or corn), skim milk powder, sorbitol (wheat), cocoa mass, concentrated skim milk, concentrated whey, lactose, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, butterfat, cane sugar, whey powder, soy lecithin, salt, natural and artificial flavours



Information about our ingredient and nutritional values are displayed here to reflect our current product formulations. We recommend you to compare this information with the information on the packaging. Any variations will be due to this being a transition period, as a result of new legislation or other changing conditions.

Last change on: April 2018

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...there's so much fun in Toffifee!